Be a strong vegan and smash the stereotype

I can press my own body weight overhead and lift double that up from the ground. Knowing this, it surprises people to learn that I'm vegan.

The stereotype of a vegan is someone who lifts more books than weights and could do with an extra couple of portions of broccoli. It's the typical brains over brawns dichotomy.

It's also completely unfounded. So let's prove this stereotype wrong.

Be a strong vegan and smash the stereotype

Veganism is important

I believe animal rights is one of our time's most important issues and veganism the obvious solution. As a society we have freed slaves, given women voting rights and liberated the jewish people from the concentration camps.

Yet millions of sentient beings every year are still being born to emprisonment and brought up in torturous conditions, only to be slaughtered for our pleasure.

If that's not enough to consider veganism, there's also world hunger, global warming, pollution and a host of other environmental concerns. All of which – according to the United Nations – are vital reasons for going vegan.

Polar bear on melting ice

Road blocks to veganism

We are all potential vegans. Give the slaughterhouses those famous glass walls, pull people's heads out of the sand and I guarantee you that tofu production would skyrocket overnight.

But there are some things standing in the way for that to happen.

  • Many simply don't know what to eat if they were to skip meat. How can vegans survive without it? (Hint: we make do.)

  • Most people naturally seek convenience and would rather not change something that works for them; regardless how badly it works for those creatures paying the final price.

  • Misconceptions of how bleak and joyless life would be as a vegan puts people off from even considering it. Who wants to be a walking skeleton, eating salad all day?

I can't do much about people being lazy but what I can do is share information and try to disprove the misconceptions. This is why I started Athlegan!

Stronger vegans together

Athlegan is for those who already are or wish to be vegan and want to become a stronger one at that.

Stronger vegans together

While not an expert, I have been into strength training and nutrition for years and learned a lot in countless of workshops, seminars and certifications during this time.

I love to learn and here on Athlegan I will share what I pick up along the way. As I dive head first into some of my favorite subjects, I'd like to welcome you to follow along for a healthy dose of:

  • Tips for training smarter so you can grow stronger and get more out of your sweaty sessions.

  • Recommendations on what to eat to perform better and transform yourself, backed up by the latest nutritional studies.

  • All the ammunition you need to go head to head in discussions on animal rights and veganism.

Sounds interesting? Sign up to join, 100% for free, and let's grow stronger – morally and physically – together!

(Teaser: next post will explain everything you have ever wondered (or ever will wonder!) about our favorite macronutrient – protein.)