Coach Emelie Frances

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Emelie Frances

Hi, I’m Emelie! I’m a soon-to-be CPT through NASM studying to specialize in weight loss and women’s fitness. I have my Bachelor of Science in Human Biology with an emphasis in Nutrition Science.

I’ve been lifting since 2012 and tried nearly every kind of lifting style out there, so I understand what it might feel like if the lifting you’re doing hasn’t quite “stuck”. Don’t worry, we’ll work on that!

I’m a big believer in fitness being both sustainable and a process that will change as you age and learn more about yourself. We’ll work together on figuring out what kind of exercise you like, learn to set goals together and figure out any barriers that might be stopping you.

My goal is that while we work together, you’ll be able to create your own workout plans, set goals, and eventually no longer need me as your coach.

I currently do Kettlebell workouts, yoga, and run when I get the chance. When not coaching or working out, I’m wedding planning, reading, or snuggling up with my two beagles, Molly and Betsie (pictures available on request)!