How going vegan can lower your health insurance premiums

It pays to have a healthy lifestyle for US citizens now that the future of the country’s healthcare is up in the air. Save by becoming vegan!

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Amidst threats of its repeal by the current administration, CNBC reported that the most popular Obamacare premiums will cost 34% more by 2018. The price hike will mostly impact those with the silver plan, consisting of 70% of customers who buy coverage on government-run health exchanges.

In addition, Vox reported that the price of healthcare in the US is comparatively higher than in other countries. One of the comparison charts showed that an MRI costs over $1,000 – that’s double the price in Switzerland. Another chart explained that a day in the hospital in the US is worth approximately $5,000 compared to just $424 in Spain. This controversial issue has lead numerous people to go on various diets not just to maintain health, but also to avoid facing medical expenses.

Among the most popular of these diets is veganism, packed with benefits that many people might not be familiar with. With that in mind, let’s look at how veganism can bring down your healthcare costs.

Prevents cell damage #

A lot of fruits and vegetables, like various types of berries, are full of antioxidants that protect your body against cell damage. They safely interact with free radicals and inhibit the chain reaction they cause before important molecules are harmed. For this reason, the National Cancer Institute believe that antioxidants can prevent certain forms of cancer.

Provides phytochemicals #

Phytochemicals are biologically active compounds found in various plant-based food. They can also significantly reduce the risk of developing cancer as well as other chronic diseases like Alzheimer's and diabetes. Phytochemicals assist both enzymes and antioxidants in protecting the body.

Lower Body Mass Index #

Meatless diets can lead to a healthier weight and less body fat, based on a study published by the US National Library of Medicine-National Institutes of Health. When vegans were compared to fish and meat-eaters, it was found that the former have lower Body Mass Indices (BMI).

For the subjects that were eating a protein heavy diet, it caused their BMI’s to be much higher.

Helps with PMS #

For women, going vegan can lower their PMS, as it can minimize menstrual cramps and stabilize mood during cycles. This benefit is said to be the effect of eliminating the dairy from the diet.

Less/No Mercury intake #

Mercury is found in fish and shellfish, both of which are absent in a vegan diet. High levels of this chemical can severely damage your kidneys and lungs. It’s also poisonous to the nervous system, which may impact your cognitive function.

Vegan savings #

All these benefits and more are attracting non-vegans to make the shift. Plus, it may even be considered a smart investment against the current healthcare issues. The diet could save you money indirectly through health assessments that form the basis for your healthcare costs.

Techcrunch recently spoke to Munjah Shah, co-founder and CEO of Health IQ, who shared the same sentiment by saying, “Those who have taken responsibility should get a special rate.” He notes that there are now health insurance premiums based on individual lifestyle instead of family history.

Present scientific data is taken into account, which is then evaluated to get a good overview of the person’s health status as well as longevity – another trait, boosted by veganism. In fact, through this method of collating information, it was found that vegans have 15% less risk of all-cause mortality.

All in all, the vegan diet is no longer just seen as some sort of fad, but a mainstream lifestyle followed by over 2.5 million people in the US alone. Its benefits go beyond the health effects and environmental advocacies. The positive impact is now extending to vegans’ pockets as well.