About Athlegan

If you’re like most of my readers you want to be strong and fit. But not at the expense of someone else’s needless suffering.

You want to build muscle – not eat it. You want sustainable and ethical strength and fitness.

You’re a vegan athlete. Or an athletic vegan. An athlegan!

Here on Athlegan.com you’ll be able to find everything you’d need to become the strongest and fittest vegan you could possibly be. That’s our mission – helping you improve, physically and ethically.

To guide you on your journey we’ve published lots of information, covering topics like how to train, what to eat, and everything in between. All to help you reach your goals.

Of course, it’s all available for free!

Who’s behind Athlegan?

Athlegan was founded by me, Tobias Sjösten – a CrossFit L1 Trainer, BJJ practitioner, strength aficionado, and vegan. I don’t have any fancy certifications or titles but I do have a healthy obsession for learning and coaching and a burning passion for spreading veganism, strength, and fitness.

It’s a joint effort though and Athlegan wouldn’t be nearly as good without its many volunteers.

Want to help out? We’re always looking for all kinds of talents. Shoot me an email and let’s chat!

How did Athlegan get started?

Athlegan was born out of frustration.

On one hand I believe that most people are vegans waiting to happen. Discussion after discussion reaffirm this – people know in their hearts it’s wrong to treat animals the way we do, they just don’t know about the many awesome alternatives!

On the other hand I see so many people wasting time on useless exercise and struggling to eat healthy, never reaching their goals, and always feeling bad about it. With just some small changes they could finally take control of their bodies!

That’s why, in the autumn of 2015, I opened Athlegan.com to share what I’ve learned.

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What’s next?

When you’ve decided it’s time to become a strong and fit vegan, here’s how to get started:

Get going

Of course, information alone won’t do you any good. You have to apply your new knowledge in order to make any actual changes. For this I offer these really transformational services: