The Internet is an amazing resource, filled to the brink with all the information you could ever need. There is, however, also quite a lot of nonsense and misinformation out there.

That's why I like to turn to books when I want to dig deeper into a subject.

There's something about being limited to the space between two covers that filters out the worst and brings a structure and conciseness that makes it easier to digest complex subjects.

"Reading is to the mind what exercise is to the body."
— Richard Steele

Book recommendations #

Following is a mix of 1) books I've read and recommend others to read and 2) books that others have recommended to me. A nice little reading list for vegan athletes!

Training #

Nutrition #

Animal rights #

Some of the links above are "affiliate links", which will earn me a small commission if you decide to buy through them. This comes at no additional cost to you!

I absolutely love reading and so if you have any recommendations I want to hear it! Send them to me on Goodreads or in an email and maybe I'll add them here in the future.