Vegan fitness books

The Internet is an amazing resource, filled to the brink with all the information you could ever need. There is, however, also quite a lot of nonsense and misinformation out there.

That’s why I like to turn to books when I want to dig deeper into a subject.

There’s something about being limited to the space between two covers that filters out the worst and brings a structure and conciseness that makes it easier to digest complex subjects.

Reading is to the mind what exercise is to the body.

— Richard Steele

Book recommendations

Following is a mix of 1) books I’ve read and recommend others to read and 2) books that others have recommended to me. A nice little reading list for vegan athletes!

Books on animal rights

Eating Animals

The author, who initially does eat animals, decides to investigate our complex relationship with animals. About to become a father, he wants to be able to truthfully educate his son on this question and along the way he himself learns some fundamentally disturbing things.

Eat Like You Care: An Examination of the Morality of Eating Animals

We know that it’s wrong to kill for pleasure. We condemn acts of animal abuse. Yet, the majority continue to support those very things, every day for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Eat Like You Care cuts straight to the core of this inconsistency and shows why, contrary to the many excuses, it’s simply wrong for us to eat others beings.

Animal Rights: The Abolitionist Approach

Someone looking for a vegan manifesto needn’t look further than this book. It’s unapologetic in its message: all sentient beings have the right to not be treated as property of others, regardless of whether they are humans or not. Veganism is a moral baseline, plain and simple.

Animal Rights books I’ve yet to read

Books on training

Starting Strength: Basic Barbell Training

The iron bible, which changed the way I approach strength training. I’ve never seen such massive improvement in my own strength as when I began following the Starting Strength philosophy and exercise technique.

Scientific Principles of Strength Training

This is not yet another training program but a set of solid principles, which you can use to determine what strength training parameters are important and how they relate to each other. A must-read for anyone serious about improving their physique or performance.

Practical Programming for Strength Training

The follow-up for Starting Strength, this book lays out a blueprint for how to continue to grow once your “novice gainz” are tapped out. The advice in this book will take you from not-weak to pretty damn strong.

Training books I’ve yet to read

Books on nutrition

Nancy Clark's Sports Nutrition Guidebook

If you want to feel good, stay healthy, and level up your sports diet, Nancy Clark’s guidebook will show you exactly how (and why, for that matter). This nutrition bible is packed with rich information, impactful experiences, and curious tidbits.

The Renaissance Diet 2.0: Your Scientific Guide to Fat Loss, Muscle Gain and Performance

I prefer flexible principles over rigid rules, to help me see what’s important and make informed decisions from my own circumstances. Renaissance Diet does exactly that, teaching you exactly how, when, and what to eat for improved performance and a better physique.

Nutrition books I’ve yet to read

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