Vegan athletes

Our mission with Athlegan is to provide you with all the information you need to become the greatest vegan athlete you can. We want you to realize your full potential.

But while the right information is essential, another important part is inspiration.

Enter our vegan athletes!

A new generation of sportspeople is turning to vegan diets and CRUSHING it. Just check out these impressive athletes and let their achievements and progress be your inspiration.

If there were ever any doubts about what’s possible on a plant-based diet, these beasts are the evidence that would shatter such doubts. Compassionate and competitive!


Sabina Skała

Sabina is a strength and conditioning coach who, when she's not running long-distance races through the Sahara Desert, helps MMA and BJJ athletes get into fighting shape.

Scott Shetler

Being a multi-talented athlete and strength coach with decades of experience, we can learn a thing or two from listening to Scott Shetler. He's strong, smart, dangerous, and compassionate – all the marks of an impressive man.

Mike Mahler

We’re honored today to have the awesome vegan strength coach Mike Mahler as our guest. A true role model, Mike is full of insights and experience we can all learn from.


Sahy Lalime

Half Japanese, half American, wholly strong badass, Sahy Lalime is one impressive woman. Just home from the European Championship in powerlifting, I got the chance to talk to her about lifting heavy weights and eating plants.

Jessica de Sousa

Meet Jessica – a 28-year-old vegan powerlifter from Belgium. Having gone vegetarian at an early age, she's now crushing vegan stereotypes as a plant-based athlete.

Nick Squires

If one ever needs an example of a strong, manly vegan, look no further – Nick Squires will more than fill those shoes. He even rocks a beard that'll put Samson's to shame!

Satish Sundarrajan

Veganism won gold this weekend, as vegan powerlifter Satish Sundarrajan placed first at USA Powerlifting Lake Pleasant Classic 2018!

Hulda Benediktsdóttir Waage

If strength is king of fitness then our next guest is Queen. Even among the insanely strong Icelandic Dottirs she stands out and keeps crushing her own powerlifting records.


Lisa Gawthorne

Competing at the top level in one sport is awe inspiring in itself but for some that's not enough. Meet Lisa Gawthorne, a *vegan duathlete* on Team GB who's kicking ass as both a runner and a biker.

Sonya Looney

Sonya is a World Champion athlete, performing some incredible feats on two wheels with a plant-based diet.

Fiona Oakes

Fiona combines fitness and activism and takes it to a whole new level. Not only has she set multiple World Records but she did so while simultaneously and literally saving hundreds of farm animals.


Henry Shi

In the very traditional world of martial arts, Henry is one of a growing number of vegan fighters who challenge the myth that you need to eat animals to perform at a high level.

Claire "Fury" Foreman

Vegan Muay Thai fighter Claire has made a name for herself with 14 wins out of 16 fights, 3 by knock-out.


Simone Collins

Simone is a long time reader of Athlegan, a CrossFitter, figure competitor, obstacle racer, and budding Strongwoman. A damn awesome vegan, in other words.

Who else? What more?

Am I missing a sport you love? Or an athlete you find inspiring?

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