Rest more to grow bigger and stronger

Tobias Sjösten

By Tobias Sjösten on 20 Jan, 2016

A CrossFit L1 Trainer, BJJ practitioner, strength aficionado, and vegan. Building muscles without eating them!

It might sound like a dream come true – but it was actually recently proved that resting longer will lead to more gainz!

According to a study published in Journal of Strength and Conditioning Research1 late last year, resting longer between sets is associated with greater strength improvements and muscle growth.

Rest more to grow bigger and stronger

Dr Brad Schoenfeld recruited 21 men to this study, ages ranging from 18 to 35 years, with at least 6 months of experience in resistance training and a back squat max above their own body weight.

They were split into two groups:

Aside from this difference, both groups had the exact same training program: 3 sets of 8-12 reps of 7 different exercises per session. This program ran over eight weeks before they measured the results.


The LONG group had much better results than the SHORT one.

Dr Schoenfeld proved his hypothesis that longer rest between sets does indeed help when strength training. The team was however surprised to see that it’s also more beneficial for growing muscle.


Previous studies – one on 2 mins vs 5 mins rest2 and another on 1 min vs 2.5 mins rest3 – haven’t been able to show much significant difference between resting short or long between sets. However just resting for only 1 min was actually associated with less hypertrophy than 2.5 mins.

It would be interesting to know what weights the participants were lifting. It’d make sense if they wanted to keep it similar between groups, to avoid that being a confounding factor, but that’d also effectively mitigate one big benefit of resting longer – being able to lift more.

More rest -> stronger lifter -> larger volumes -> greater results

That’s just me practicing bro-science though. :)

To conclude, one big take-away is that the only downside to resting longer between sets is the inconvenience of time waste. You probably don’t want to spend several hours just for one session.

Rest two, three minutes or more if you can. Hell, do ten minutes if you have the time to spare!

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