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Tobias Sjösten

Hi! My name’s Tobias and I’m the founder of Athlegan.

I’ve been a vegan since 2014 and a vegetarian some years before I made that switch. For me it began as a moral obligation but I’ve come to learn about all the health and environmental benefits of a plant based diet too.

Needless to say veganism is something I feel very strongly about.

When I’m not eating salad and releasing minks (isn’t that what vegans do?) I lift heavy weights and try to choke my friends.

I’m a competitive grappler with a blue belt in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu. On top of that I train powerlifting to build my strength, with the occasional kettlebell and odd equipment thrown in for variety.

CrossFit is another sport I really enjoy (even got the L1 Trainer cert) but sadly I can’t find the time for doing much of it nowadays.

I hope you’ll enjoy all the work we’re putting into Athlegan and that it’ll help you become the strongest and fittest version of your vegan self!

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