Hi, my name is Bartosz. I am a certified kettlebell instructor and powerlifting coach.

My training philosophy is simple – I take the best that bodyweight training, kettlebell and barbell have to offer and mix it all together. I like to stick with the basics in training because nothing can replace squats, deadlifts or pull-ups. I’m a big advocate of having a plan when going to the gym.

There is no glory in simply burning calories, I want you to invest them in mastering your body and mind. That is because I see training not only as a physical endeavour but also as a mental way to transfer one’s life into something better. It can be a jumpstart to break with bad habits, destroy fears or give hope for a better day.

I’d like to help you maximize your potential and the time you spend in the gym, so you don’t wander pointlessly from one machine to another just to break a sweat.

I will help you set and achieve goals, no matter if it is to lift an elephant or just be consistent with caring for your health.⠀