Hello! I’m Chris, a Pn1 Certified Nutrition Coach, fitness writer and author of The Bluffer’s Guide to Fitness (part of a 5-million-copy bestselling British book series).

My fitness tastes include everything from strength training (both big compound lifts and hypertrophy work) to bootcamps and HIIT. I also enjoy the occasional obstacle race, especially if there is mud and barbed wire involved!

I love talking veganism, fitness and nutrition to anyone! I have been vegan since January 2019 and was vegetarian for a few months before that. This came about after I watched Vegucated and realised that eating meat wasn’t something that aligned with my ethics.

Since then, I have made it my goal to dispel the myth that humans need animal products to be strong, fit and fast.

Thankfully I am not alone – there are thousands of other athletic vegans around the world. My aim is to help develop more fit, strong and healthy vegans, which can only be beneficial for veganism as it grows.