Hi y’all!

I’m a man who’s particularly motivated in the pursuit of strength and personal growth, and will seek out ways to adapt and be better at this very pursuit. For quite a while now, I’ve been lifting heavy weights in a style that’s best described as a “hybrid” between powerlifting, strongman, and some bodybuilding elements for health.

I’ve been vegan since 2018 and will most definitely continue to be so until my ashes join the sands of time. Even though I have yet to build a lot of experience therein, I love being vegan and am quite passionate about it. I’ve never been one to be on the frontlines of activism – I’m too impatient for that – but I will always strive to lead by example, showing others that a vegan life is a good life, and an enjoyable one.

These two passions intersect perfectly at Athlegan! The community I found there is a loving one, in which people lift each other up instead of disparaging others. So far, I’ve been sharing my own experiences and my advice on strength training, as well as encouraging people to delve deep into their psyches and uncover the philosophies behind their lifestyles, and I absolutely love to continue to do so.