Silverback Protein Powder

Silverback Protein is a vegan supplement company from the Netherlands. They focus heavily on their amino acid profile and take pride in producing a truly complete protein.

Hey! We compare vegan protein powder a little differently here. Instead of arbitrary grades, we calculate three numbers based on hard data – Price, Potency, and Profile.

  • *Price is cost per 100 grams of pure protein.*

  • *Potency is amount of protein per kcal.*

  • *Profile is amino acids completeness.*


Let’s get down to the details.


With flavoured versions of Silverback Protein, each recommended serving size of 23 grams of powder will net you 16,6 grams of protein. This is a small serving size, however, and I’d recommend increasing that for consumption after a heavy workout.

On the plus side, you also won’t be consuming many carbs, with just 2.8 grams per serving. While I still haven’t encountered a 100% pure, flavour-focused, vegan protein powder, I’d still have liked the purity of this powder to be a bit higher.

The unflavoured version is purer, as to be expected from an isolate: that same serving size instead nets you 19.9 grams of protein and not even a single gram of carbohydrates.

Additionally, Silverback boasts an amino profile on the level of whey protein powder, so those preoccupied with getting “complete” proteins can rest assured. However, both with the unflavoured as the flavoured variety, I would recommend going for at least 1.5 times or double the serving size to make dosing more efficient for heavy lifters.


A 1 kg bag of Silverback Protein powder will cost you €29 but beware that you won’t last as long with one bag as you would with purer powders, since you’ll need to up your serving size.

However, you can go for a deal that gives you one solid monster of a 5 kg bucket, for €116. Once again, I’ll note that this is quite pricey compared to unflavoured isolates, but that’s an unfair benchmark: you’ll always pay a little more for flavour and some extra benefits which I’ll get to further down the review.

The unflavoured variety still is a little more expensive compared to what I’m used to, with €104 for that same 5kg bucket of unflavoured Silverback Protein.


Silverback Protein offers a variety of three flavours, of which apple cinnamon is the very best. It mixes really well, with just a hint of grain and threading a nice fine line between a heavier, thicker shake and a more fluid, easily drinkable one.

I tasted the rest too but with both the “classic” (read: vanilla-ish) and the chocolate flavour, the metallic aftertaste of the powder tends to become a little too overbearing. Apple cinnamon is just sweet enough to combat this metallic tinge, balancing out its flavour profile.

It’s not the very best of the flavoured vegan protein powders I have tasted but it belongs in my personal top five, at least for now. It brings to me the memory of a certain brand of sweet cinnamon raisin biscuits I used to gorge on as a kid.

All of the flavours tasted better with oat milk, though if you choose to mix it with water, the resulting shake is a little bit easier to consume. Again, the trade-off is that if you mix these powders with water, their metallic aftertaste will come through a bit stronger than with oat milk.

The bad news is that the unflavoured variety might take a lot to get used to: here, the flavour profile really leans heavily into the metallic side, which I haven’t experienced in an unflavoured protein powder before. It’s not undrinkable as some of the older powders I’ve subjected myself to, but it’s not great either.

At least it mixes really well!

Overall, I can recommend going for the apple cinnamon flavour. It tastes really nice as a luxury protein treat, can be used to enhance the macro profile of dessert recipes, and mixes really well with whatever liquid you have on hand.


Silverback Unsweetened


Silverback Classic


Silverback Apple Cinnamon


Silverback Vanilla


Silverback Chocolate



There’s more to buying Silverback Protein than just its nutritional content and flavours. Its ingredients are, like Roots ‘n Shoots, locally sourced. Moreover, the peas from which they extract the proteins are grown organically and only need rain water to thrive - so the production process is not as taxing for the environment.

On the negative side, it’s a slightly pricey product and only one flavour tastes really good.

I do, however, really love that this brand only sells vegan products!

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