I’m Matt, from Glasgow, Scotland. I’m an admin for the Facebook group.

I went vegan for the animals and the environment in 2014, with some trepidation as to how this major lifestyle change would affect my fitness. I was pleasantly surprised to experience quite dramatic health benefits.

I’ve been a regular gym-goer for the last 15 years, but it’s only in the past few years – since going vegan and being coached by our very own Tobias! – that things finally came together. I’m now in my mid-40s, stronger and healthier than ever, 100% plant-fuelled and loving it.

One of my main focus areas is strength training – deadlifts, squats and all those lovely heavy compound lifts.

I’ve also been maintaining a daily yoga practice for the past few years. I’m interested not only in its physical benefits, but also its effects on psychology, mental health and how we interact with the world. A key principle of yoga is ahimsa – non violence, non-harming – which aligns beautifully with veganism.

Finally, I like spending a lot of time upside-down. I’m a keen amateur/trainee/apprentice hand-balancer, and I plan to run away and join the circus by the time I’m 70.